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Open Forum

… coming out prior to the 3rd Sunday of the
month. Orders of service will no longer be
emailed: they can be downloaded from the
Parish website each week.

For your reflection

Have you heard the sort of rhetoric that treats First Nations people as lesser humans? As more like children? Or animals? What is a Christian response to the claim one group of humans is lesser than another? Why is it such a persistent idea? Where do you have a tendency (if at all) to draw lines putting some humans outside your sphere of moral concern?

Online gatherings after Mass

Online gatherings after Mass will now cease. If you are not attending church and would like a visit from Fr Rodney, Rev’d Sue, or Melissa, then please contact the Parish office on 3852 1635 or and we would be
delighted to arrange a visit.

Online Service Broadcasts and
Recording in Church


We shall continue to broadcast services via YouTube at , which can also be reached via the Parish website at 
      The weekly services which will be broadcast will be the
9:30 am Sung Mass and, on the third Sunday of the month,
6:00 pm Choral Evensong.
      We anticipate that these will certainly be livestreamed once we our premises are connected to the NBN in the next few weeks. Until then, we shall attempt to live-stream services, starting from this Sunday, 19 July 2020. Please accept our apologies in advance if network congestion causes a breakdown in transmission. If  the problem persists, we shall record services, and they won’t be available online until the next day.
      Orders of service will no longer be emailed. They can be downloaded from the Parish website at the page where you connect to the service broadcast.
      The camera will be placed at the pillar near the side door of the church facing the lawns. Video image of the sanctuary party, readers, preacher, choir, and organist will be captured as part of recordings. During the Holy Communion, the camera will be pointed upwards to a stained glass window so that members of the congregation will not be videoed receiving Holy Communion. Audio recording will continue
throughout the service. Recording will start approximately five minutes before the service and will normally conclude at the end of the organ voluntary.
      Past broadcasts of the Mass and Evensong can
be viewed at any time after the service. Go to
our YouTube channel and browse for the service
you want:

Important Health advice

If you are:
• aged 70 years or over; OR
• aged 65 years or over and have
underlying health issues; OR
• an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
person aged 50 years and over and have a chronic medical condition; OR 

• immune suppressed, then you are encouraged to exercise
judgement and consult your doctor for advice about attending church. You are not “banned” from attending. ’Flu vaccination is recommended.
To protect yourself and other parishioners, please stay home and do not come to church if you have any of these COVID-19 symptoms, however mild: fever, a cough, sore throat,
runny nose, fatigue, or shortness of breath.
Unfortunately, we shall be unable to admit anyone who displays any of these symptoms.
This is the advice of the Queensland

Relaxed restrictions on volunteers
The Diocese has advised a relaxation of restrictions on volunteering by those who have any attributes listed under “HEALTH ADVICE” (above). All people with such attributes are now welcome to resume volunteering duties. We shall need to induct each volunteer in health and safety protocols for each Parish activity prior to resuming. Please bear with us as we work on these protocols in a changing regulatory environment.
People who have any attributes listed under
“HEALTH ADVICE” (above) are strongly advised:
•  to seek medical advice and clearance from
    your GP in relation to your specific volunteering role; and
•  to have an up-to-date ’flu vaccination prior to 
There is no need to provide medical certificates
or vaccination certificates.

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