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Have you heard the sort of rhetoric that treats First Nations people as lesser humans? As more like children? Or animals? What is a Christian response to the claim one group of humans is lesser than another? Why is it such a persistent idea? Where do you have a tendency (if at all) to draw lines putting some humans outside your sphere of moral concern?

Covid-Safe Wardens needed

Last week, I described the current state government requirement for a “COVID-Safe Warden” for each Parish event, including Sunday
Mass. Unfortunately, we shall have to postpone resumption of Sunday Masses unless and until there is a COVID-Safe Warden on the roster for each Sunday of the month. At this time, we have no volunteers.
In conjunction with the Churchwardens and Parish Priest, the COVID- Safe Warden is responsible for ensuring:
•  safe capacity numbers for each room/space;
•  physical distancing and hygiene;
•  attendee details collected and stored – but Nicole in the Parish       
   office will look after storage; and 

•  thorough cleaning after activities – which, for Holy Trinity, will entail simply cleaning the greeter’s desk and chair and a couple of
other small items; and, on third Sundays of the month, cleaning a small number of pews (the clergy will help with this).
COVID-Safe Wardens will be given training, which will be very light. They will need to be in attendance by 15 minutes before the start of a
service, and to remain on duty for the entire service. Under revised guidelines issued by the Diocese, conditions have been relaxed on the
age and other attributes of a person to perform this or other volunteer roles. However, see “RELAXED RESTRICTIONS ON VOLUNTEERS” in the adjacent column for clarification.
Please email or phone 3852 1635 if you are willing to volunteer for this role.
Please contact me on 0426 287 283 if you have any questions.
– Fr Rodney

Trinity Tidings

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Includes notes on resuming worship at Trinity
Also: More information on the Worship page

Health advice
We are obliged to advise strongly that you stay at home if you are:
aged 70 years or over;
aged 65 years or over and have a chronic medical condition;
an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person aged 50 years and over and have a chronic medical condition;
immune suppressed.
This is the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health and Queensland Health 


Relaxed restrictions on volunteers
The Diocese has advised a relaxation of restrictions on volunteering by those who have any attributes listed under “HEALTH ADVICE” (above). All people with such attributes are now welcome to resume volunteering duties. We shall need to induct each volunteer in health and safety protocols for each Parish activity prior to
resuming. Please bear with us as we work on these protocols in a changing regulatory environment.
People who have any attributes listed under
“HEALTH ADVICE” (above) are strongly advised:
•  to seek medical advice and clearance from
    your GP in relation to your specific volunteering role; and
•  to have an up-to-date ’flu vaccination prior to 
There is no need to provide medical certificates
or vaccination certificates.

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