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Waiting for a cab can be the most intense of all human experiences - the experience which, above all others, strips us of affectation and self-deception and reveals to us the the reality of our needs, our values and ourselves.

Waiting is most intense when we wait with dread for an onset or for an outcome where hope is torn between rational hope and being prepared for the worst.

We are all familiar with both in life and experience, personal or shared. Perhaps we can then fully appreciate that it was in such a manner that Jesus waited and prayed through his agony in the Gethsemane garden.

from 'The Stature of Waiting':
VH Vanstone, Canon, Chester Cathedral





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Trinity is a Community of Anglicans and has offered worship and served the local and wider community since 1856. This is a church in the Catholic tradition of the Anglican Church where the worship is offered with great care, with celebration involving ceremonial and musical traditions.  The Mass is at the heart of the Parish Community life.

The present church was constructed in 1876/77, and nearby Trinity Hall and the Rectory where the priests live replaced earlier buildings in 1891/1892. Now rather an oasis surrounded by both commercial and residential zones, Trinity maintains open grounds and a place of relative quiet. The church is open most days, all day. It is surrounded by mature trees and provides a peaceful oasis in the heart of the Valley.

We welcome many and any - Trinity is inclusive of people of differing national origins, lifestyles, the lonely and wounded as well as those who seek just and fair Christian outcomes, based on the values our Lord expounded, practised and taught.




Fr Trevor Bulled O.G.S.
Contact: 3852 1635 or 0413 995 021
Church Wardens
James Tranter
Phillip Rule
Director of Music
Jill Sharwood B. Ed.
Robert Dearness B.Mus., FTCL, L.Mus.A.
Contact: 0412 929 869
Hall bookings and parking
Hall booking form

Holy week and Easter
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Holy Week: Mass each day at 5.30 pm

Maundy Thursday 17 April
Mass of the Last Supper at 7.00 pm
Gethsemane Watch until 10 pm
Good Friday 18 April
Liturgy of the Day 9.30 am
Easter Eve 19 April
Paschal ceremonies, Baptism and the
First Mass of Easter 7.00 pm
Easter reception follows.
Easter Day 20 April
Early Mass 7.30 am
Solemn Mass 9.30 am

Living Lent
- "Aspects of the Heart" - the Lent daily  readings available from the Lent table.
- Twilight Time discussions "Death of a King" are on Tuesdays at 6.15 pm, following 5.30 pm Mass. Light meal served close at 7.15 pm.
- Saturday Meditation 9.00 am.
- Saturday Mass 9.30 if you can't make
the Sunday Mass.
- Friday is a meat fast day - choose fish.


Information link:
900 Ann St Development 900 Ann St Development

Melbourne Anglican and Focus now available free on the Narthex table.

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